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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 21, 2016 3:30pm-4:01pm MDT

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all new today on "right this minute." >> not a daughter. >> no way. >> a mom hears big news about her baby when she meets with her mother, donna, who is terminally ill. >> the story behind the touching moment people want to hear. >> it's sweet. it's a fantastic video. >> motorcyclist headed up a mountain decides to crack the throttle wide open before he cracks something else. a bear licks his chops outside the tent while the guy inside manages to stay -- >> unbelievably calm. >> see if he can keep it
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this scary surprise. >> he ain't smiling. >> how a girlfriend reacts to a boyfriend's worst idea ever. >> this is not funny. >> we see a lot of reveals on this show. i can say, this gender reveal video is unlike any other. >> you have a daughter. >> she told her she is having a baby girl. you see she is ithe bed with her mother, donna, who is terminally ill. she has stage four brain and lung cancer. >> that's the circle completed right there. right there in bed togeer, grandma, daughter and future grandchild. she's having a daughter. it's the whole circle right there. blow my mind. >> she wanted her mom to be there. the hospital arranged for her to have the ultrasound there with her mother lying in bed so they could share the experience. >> so much for her mom.
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the surgeries and all the stuff under the sun. it's this kind of humanity that goes so far with somebody. >> this gender reveal goes down in history, for me. taylor was happy the hospital allowed her to do this because her mom died three days after. >> oh, my god. >> after she learned the gender of her baby. >> it's happy. >> yeah. >> it's great. it's wonderful. it's sweet. it's pure. it's a fantastic de forever. she posted the video to facebook. of course it went viral because, like all of us folks see the beauty in being able to share all these precious moments with her mom. >> give her a hug. give her a hug. >> you are melting. >> everyone have a hug. >> you are melting. ? if you watched our show for more than a day, you know i love motorcycles, but i hate watching
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it's frustrating. we have a guy here, you can hear him drop a couple gears, crack the throttle wide open. the bike rapidly accelerates, going past traffic as he approaches this left hander. we know what's coming. oh! >> ooh! where is the bike? >> up the road. pops to his feet, sprints down the road. had a buddy >> wrist right through the gloves. >> hoists it bike back up, fires this thing back up and you ain't gonna believe this. >> he keeps going? >> oh, yeah. >> isn't that dangerous? you don't know what is broken. after a wreck like that, he should take it to the garage. >> i was surprise zed he hopped up on the bike. maybe shock and adrenaline going through his veins.
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>> the next one comes from the mount high land area. we know it as the snake. from the youtube channel, the speeds don't seem excessive. they are not goofing around. they are respecting the road. watch this guy get caught out. >> dang! [ bleep ]. >> got the wind knocked out of him, for sure. happy to report, once they collect his bike, , back down the mountain. watch this. as he continues his ride, watch what he passes up the road. yep, the snakebite of cars. this time, he whips around this guy. says, don't worry, i'm good, i have help on this one. you are a huge fan of camping. >> yeah. >> huge. you do it every weekend. it has a huge appeal. the kind of appeal that you wake
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and nature is staring you in the face, which is well and good, until it is staring back at you. >> yeah. >> when the guy inside the tent is david. he wakes up and that's what he sees. and this video, 15 minutes long, of david staying unbelievably calm. >> can you imagine, all he has to do is thing would tear it to shreds. >> that's what the bear starts doing. he is very, very inquisitive. >> wonder if he had food inside the tent. >> ding, ding, ding. david admits he had a cup of smoothies. just smoothies. yes. >> no!
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i smell like -- i'm done. >> you do smell delicious, you do. >> that's my stuff. >> i'm surprised he's not yelling and screaming and making a mess with the tent. >> conflicting stories. there's a difference between what black bears react to and brown bears react to dead with and one that will kill you. >> you have a 50/50 chance of dying here. >> eventually, david does manage to sneak away. he sums it up in his very, very detailed description. >> whoa! >> i am currently living vicariously through one of our favorites, sam. he is in the middle of the messiah volcano.
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>> he and a team of scientists and experts have descended down into this newly formed lava lake. the goal was to set up 80 sensors inside so they could then predict volcanic activity. >> how deep are they right now? >> well, to give you a bit of an idea, the height is the equivalent of the empire state building in new york. >> if anybody goes have nowhere to go quickly? >> your kjourney to the center f the earth. >> the risk to him are worth it. they are excited about the potential. their goal is an early warning system in volcanos around the world, to be able to notify the millions of people that live in the danger zone so they can know when the volcano is going to give, what the activity inside is so they know when to tell the
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there. >> getting used to the equipment, understanding how it all works. >> that's an impressive mission on snap chat. something is weird about that. >> over 3,000 people on there. 12 people on the surface of the moon. the explorers of o own planet going where no man has gone before. >> the heart beat of the planet. you hear a lot of people spend -- >> believe it or not, it's a rap about reverse mortgages. and -- >> the least likely guy to do a music video. >> the internet's newest star reveals the real story behind the shoot. >> when i was off camera, i ran away. somebody broke mommy's lipstick and she doesn't deny it. >> what dad thinks of her unusual plan to fix it. >> do that.
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gold bond rough & bumpy skin therapy. used daily, it exfoliates, smoothes, softens. reduces bumps 74%. gold bond. ultimate lotion. ultimate skin. there are a few things that every cool video must have at the cinematography. >> it's raining in los angeles. >> you always have to be ready
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reverse mortgage. >> what? >> you hear a lot of rumors people spend. the truth will be found. >> i'm sorry, this is the hit of the fall. >> my business helping people and believe it or not, you get to keep your house and that's a sure shot. >> incredible. >> they got a standing. ? they are good mortgages ? >> this went viral. be honest, he's the least likely guy to do a rap music video. >> oh, i forgot to let you know, this money is free. >> that's not all. he's here to save the day. the reverse mortgage man.
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and i want to call this guy. what can you do for me. >> apparently, it is working. it was directed by his son mike. why don't we meet him. live, via skype, "right this minute," we have him. your son mike put all this together, but after he brought you the concept, were you hesitant at first? >> i happened to be in business and he sprung it on me. i enjoyed the heck out of it. >> because of the ccks? >> when i was off camera, i ran away from those girls. >> smart move. >> how would you rate prime, subprime? >> probably prime. ? instead of paying out, they pay you ? ? you get to keep your house and your kids do, too ? >> i heard your daughter-in-law wrote the lyrics? >> she did.
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>> what are your colleagues saying about it? >> the biggest thing they like are the s.rl >> of course. do you have trailer ors videos coming soon? >> i'm going to leave that to my son. >> make it rain mortgages. >> this is not primary, my marketing effort, but it's a heck of a lot of fun. >> it's unique. >> seems to be working. got our attention. >> thank you so much for joining us, don. >> thank you. you guys have a grea >> get ready to bask in the adorableness of this video. >> what did you do? >> it is obvious, this little girl -- >> it's a joker. >> she got in mom my's lipstick and she doesn't deny it. >> i broke the red lipstick. >> yeah, that's exactly when you are sorry, after you got the
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>> she's genius because she went to dad. >> right. >> that's because mommy is still sleeping. >> she's not going to be very happy is she when she wakes up when she sees you broke her red lipstick, huh. how is mom going to know? >> she'll never tell. >> what are we going to do? >> i don't know. >> she's got a solution. >> it's >> maybe use glue. >> oh, obviously, use glue to put it back together. duh. >> mom is not going to say anything to get her in trouble. >> i'm as clever as a 3-year-old. >> you prove that all the time. >> hmm. >> let's do that. >> okay. >> let's do it right now. >> okay.
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>> a shock. >> why would it not work? maybe they need to go back to math class because they didn't quite get the measurements right. watch this. there's one guy here in the red shirt taunting the bull. the bull is like, watch what i can do. >> oh! oh, no. trapped in a cage with a bull. >> charged right through the bars. >> of course he did. it's like a speeding freight whatever little piece of bar you put in front of it. >> you can see the man being thrown in the cage before people manage to go. >> holy cow. >> and try to get him out. not before the bull pushes the cage around this street. fortunately for this man, they are able to pull him out. before you know it, it is out again. >> you know what?
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angle. >> he was probably thinking he was so cool, hanging out behind those bars you are not going to get me. >> the bars weren't placed close enough to keep the bull out. >> not even that, they weren't strong enough. the bull ran right through it. >> a bull walk ss into a bar -- >> no idea the level of injuries but you better believe he was real scared. may not be doing this anytime >> the bars saved him a little bit. as he was trying to gore him, it saved him. he seems to be okay. >> he'll be fine. >> wow. this is great sizer. is there raspberry in it? >> and strawberry. >> awesome. where d you get that? >> i made it. >> tell me more. >> you can now brew your own
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you can create your own recipes with this machine. this has you written all over it. oscar thought of everything with this new invention. all you do is choose your fruit of choice, toss them in there, add yeast, sugar and water. >> it gives you the amounts and the ingredients. >> it takes one to two weeks, but there you have it. >> a hooch machine. >> not you can make wine as well. >> it has you written all over it, too. >> oh, yeah. it's cool and they have a kick starter for it. they needed $80,000. >> i can see why. you need the app. anybody can do it then you put it in the corner and do it. honestly, i think it's a great idea. >> it is going to run $399. >> i think this is going to
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too. ift's your brew, not someone else. in the middle of an intense police encounter, but there's a twist. >> trying to catch her breath and realizing what this is. >> see how the stand off turns into a dramatic act of love and leave you saying -- you idiot.
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at the end of your --
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>> awww. ? [ sirens ] >> a police check point is set up on this street in romania. the officers are wearing ski masks. this is a very, very intense operation. there's a car that's pulling up. they immediately demand that driver pull over. one of the officers goes to the passenger side, opens the door and pull the female passenger out, dropping her to the floor, asking her, do you know this man? do you know what's in the trunk of this vehicle? the driver, who is her boyfriend is on the other side being detained by officers. they finally stand her up and
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at this point in the video is where i would generally ask, are you in -- >> no. i knew where this was going. >> i couldn't commit this time. all i'm feeling is, you are going to see the dust i leave behind because i'm out of here. this is a freaking proposal. >> you idiot! >> yes! >> stomp him in the face. >> not funny. everything. >> yes! >> what is her reaction to this? >> well, she ain't in she's trying to catch her breath as she's realizing what the heck this actually is. for a second, she probably thought she was going to die. >> it's original and women like to be surprised. >> yes. >> i'm trying to find the silver lining. >> don't like to be mortified. this was for him. this was his proposal, had
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once she catches her breath and realizes it's a joke, she still loves her man. she does say yes. >> that's the best worst proposal i have ever seen. you like videos? we got 'em, every day. for more awesome content check
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congressional district for nea first, state lawmakers said they plan to look hard at the complex sex offender laws, which critics say are keeping some rapists out of prison. the state's indeterminant law is getting national attention on the rape case. the law requires certain sex offenders support to prison get treatment before they can get out. while the intent was to protect the community, they found that critics say it's done the opposite. >> reporter: there has been a national outcry over the


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